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The wildlife/domestic animal/human interface within its ecological context has a major impact on the well-being of species existing in this domain.

Defining the interface is a complex matter, and its nature is dependent on the interaction of many diverse components. The nature of the wildlife enterprise (ranching, conservancies, formal conservation areas, and free-living game) will have a marked effect on the dynamics at the interface.

One of the critical aspects of this interface, is the presence and bi-directional spread of diseases of the various species and their impact on other species, and the environment. The emerging and re-emerging diseases of the various species that we deal with are of particular importance here, and specifically within the context of the role of wildlife and the diseases that they sustain.

A large volume of information exists about disease at the interface, and there are various approaches that may be followed. One is that of One Health, a philosophy based on the interaction of domesticated animals, wildlife, humans and the ecosystems within which they exist and the way in which to deal with these complexities.