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The purpose of this Wiki is to provide scientifically sound information about aspects of the diseases of wildlife that can be used for various purposes. The information is in-time, and represents a comprehensive source of disease-related data compiled by people active in the domains of the diseases and conditions affecting African wildlife, and the factors determining their appearance and changing importance

The information on this site should assist:

  • Veterinarians to make diagnoses and to inform them of the occurrence of diseases in specific wildlife species and specific areas of the African continent
  • Veterinary regulatory services to determine the occurrence and spread of wildlife diseases
  • Ecologist to model disease of African wildlife as part of the dynamics of the ecosystems that they deal with, and to further develop the concept of disease ecology
  • Conservationists to manage their ecosystems so as to sustain rare species and their ecosystems
  • Commercial game ranchers to construct management plans taking into consideration the diseases that may impact on their enterprises
  • With the further development of the One Health philosophy and the factors affecting the interaction of wildlife/humans/livestock and the environment at their interface